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Human Resource Management Courses: National Certificate

If you enjoy working with people, helping them develop, or helping to sort out problems between people, then Human Resources Management is the perfect thing for you. Human Resources Management is connected to every single part of a company and its staff. It can be a high-stress job but it is also a high-paying job.

Our Human Resource Management Courses

N4 Human Resource Management

The N4 Human Resource Management Course is the start of your road to a fully accredited Diploma. This course gives you a wide range of skills that will teach you how to work with a company’s best asset: its people.

N5 Human Resource Management

The N5 Human Resource Management Course is the second step on your way to a fully accredited Diploma. This course builds on everything you have learned in the N4 Human Management course.

N6 Human Resource Management

The N6 Human Resource Management Course is the final step to a fully accredited National Diploma. It builds even further on everything you have learned in the N4 and N5 courses.

What Exactly is Human Resource Management?

In short, Human Resource Management is there to look after a company’s staff to make sure that the company will be successful. Human Resource Management has many different parts like hiring new staff, training the staff, working with the payroll and much more. Each part is important. Without any one of them, a company would not be able to work properly.

Why is Human Resource Management Important?

Human Resources Management is one of the most important parts of a company. That is because it works with the most important and valuable part of any company, its people. If staff are unhappy then a company has a big problem. Human Resource Management helps to keep staff happy and fix any problems before they become too serious.

The Human Resources Department works with staff salaries, fixes any problems that staff have with the company’s policies and problems they have with each other. Then there is Training which helps the staff develop and also Recruitment which finds the right people to hire.

Ok, so What Exactly do I Learn in a Human Resource Management Course?

There are many important skills that you need to learn if you want to work in Human Resource Management. You will learn things like business communication, industrial psychology, general management, and much more. You would also cover topics like business ethics, basic accounting, microeconomics, training management and even some project management. All of these are skills that Human Resource Management staff need to have.

What are the Benefits of Studying Human Resource Management and What Kinds of jobs could I be looking at?

At the time of writing this, according to PayScaleon average the yearly salary for some Human Resources jobs are: 

  • Placement Specialist: R206 178
  • Executive Recruiter: R305 209
  • Labour Relations Manager: R413 881
  • Human Resources Consultant: R242 107
  • Training and Development Manager: R445 247
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager: R756 115
  • Human Resources Manager: R341 987
  • Human Resources Director: R859 825
  • Chief Human Resources Officer: R1 377 391

As you can clearly see, the salaries for Human Resource Managers are all very high. One of the main reasons for the high salaries is because of how important Human Resource Management is in any company.

I’m too Busy to go to Classes. Can I Study Human Resource Management Through Distance Learning?

Absolutely. There are many places where you can also do courses, even full degrees, using distance learning. To choose the right course for you, you will need to think about what it is you want out of the course and how much time you have to do it.

What Kinds of Courses are Available?

There are many courses available. Bellview Institute is a great option because it lets you study  in your own time and at your own pace. Even if you are working or have many other responsibilities, you don’t need to leave home to study and you can plan your study times for when it suits you best.

Where can I go to Study?

There are many places all over South Africa that offer many different courses, diplomas or even degrees in Human Resource Management. If you spend a little time doing research online, you will find something that is right for you.

You Talk About Accredited and non-accredited Programmes. What’s the Difference and is one Better Than the Other?

The big difference between accredited and non-accredited courses is that an accredited course is a recognised qualification. Non-accredited courses might not give you a recognised qualification but you learn the same things you would learn in an accredited course. Accredited courses might give you a slightly better chance when you look for a job but non-accredited courses also have advantages. Non-accredited courses are cheaper, simpler to enrol in and employers will recognise your skills even if they don’t recognise your qualification.