About Us

Who we are

Bellview is the premier private distance college, offering top qualify accredited qualifications to professionals. If you are driven, and building a successful career, then we are the right partner for you.

Our professional and high impact courses are carefully designed to ensure you can work and study at the same time.  We give you just what you need, so you can pass, qualify and take a step up in life – fast.

We believe in putting your progress first. Our main goal is for you to take the next step up in your career.

Why we do what we do

Many people struggle to make real progress in their careers. Often times they find themselves stuck for years without ever getting a promotion or being able to find a better job. The fact of the matter is that many of them don’t have access to the education required for their progress. 

We want to make a difference for these professionals.

By offering recognised, accredited qualifications, we believe that we can help career oriented individuals be more successful. The way we aim to do this is by helping them bridge the gap in their education. By making real world working knowledge available in a compact form through our courses, it becomes possible to learn more in a shorter time and progress faster.

Our values

Quality Education

Our professional tutors and academic staff help you pass your course – step by step. Using the best distance learning study materials – we focus on what you need to pass your exam.

Professional Service

Our staff are trained professionals who work hard to help you achieve your goals. They know the difficulties you many students face and strive to assist you as much as possible.

Direct Delivery

All of your study materials are couriered. Your tutor marks your assignments and gives you feedback in days (not weeks!). Less waiting means means you finish faster!

Career Focused

Our courses are accredited, relevant and nationally recognised, so you can take the next step up in your career. Your qualification is a major stepping stone to a better career for yourself.

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