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Bellview Institute of Distance Learning offers quality education to further your career

Why Bellview

Bellview is the premier private distance college, offering top qualify accredited qualifications to professionals. If you are driven, and building a successful career, then we are the right partner for you.

Our professional and high impact courses are carefully designed to ensure you can work and study at the same time.  We give you just what you need, so you can pass, qualify and take a step up in life – fast.

Distance Learning Defined

Distance learning means no classes – you can study anywhere, any time.  It is ideal for the working professional who needs to get qualified fast.

We will send you everything you need to study, without the hassle of needing to go and buy textbooks. No hidden costs!  All student service and support is on the phone, or online. Studying On-The-Go has never been easier or faster!

Skills Academy, a partner of Bellview Institute, offers an impressive range of courses, such as Nated and ICB courses. These are sure to teach you all the skills needed to be successful at work. 

If you would like to advance on your current skills, we also offer short courses, that will enhance your abilities at work. 

A Professional Experience

Quality Education

Our professional tutors and academic staff help you pass your course – step by step. Using the best distance learning study materials – we focus on what you need to pass your exam.

Professional Service

Our staff are trained professionals who work hard to help you achieve your goals. They know the difficulties many students face and strive to assist as much as possible.

Direct Delivery

All of your study materials are couriered. Your tutor marks your assignments and gives you feedback in days (not weeks!). Less waiting means means you finish faster!

Career Focused

Our courses are accredited, relevant and nationally recognised, so you can take the next step up in your career. Your qualification is a major stepping stone to a better career for yourself.

Getting Started

Let us help you find the right course

We have highly trained professional course experts to help you decide on the right course for you. We discuss what you need from the qualification, what the entrance criteria are, and how to get you exactly the right qualification for your next career move.

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Let us call you Back Now!

We need to chat. So we make sure we understand what you need from your course. We can call you back right now. Or you can email us, WhatsApp us, or call one of our Course Experts directly on their cell numbers.

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We Courier – FAST!

We do your complete registration over the phone. No paperwork needed to get you started. Then we send your books with our courier. Your first package will take between 3 and 7 working days to get to you. Slightly longer if you are outside the big cities.

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We help you every step of the way

Once you have your books, we contact you to get your started with your studies. Our qualified and friendly tutors are there for you every step of the way! We make it easy for you to finish your qualification; so you can focus on improving your career.

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